Thursday, 21 November 2013

What's happened with the blog posts?

Good morning blog followers!

It seems I spend my entire time apologising for my slackness in blog posting this year. To put it mildly its been one of those crazy busy years, with so much happening and as you can imagine something usually has to give!

Anyway I have a little time to share with you some of what has been happening at Nutpatch Confectionary. 

It's coming up to my favourite time of the year again...Christmas, it seems like yesterday it was July and I was busy preparing for my exams and now all of a sudden I find myself doing Christmas shopping and making Christmas  cakes. The speed at which the last six months has past is unbelievable.

A brief summary of the last six months would go like this...

Chocolate Masterclasses ran over winter with great success. They have currently finished but will be available to groups of four in 2014.

The Nutpatch confectioners went abroad to the discover new and exciting things to bring back to our chocolate shop. They travelled to Belgium and Italy and returned with new chocolate ideas. Some of my new favourite things you will see shortly.

Graham Phillips published his new book called 'A guide to tasting Tasmania', where Nutpatch was awarded 3 hats, ranking our chocolate shop as one of Tasmania's best! Way to go Nutpatch!

The shop had a make over and the Christmas window was remodelled and well as a few changes within the shop.

There is so much more I could tell you, but this is just a short synopsis of the past six months. Read on with the coming blog posts to find out more!

Meet Paul, he is an octopus and you have to admit he is pretty cool! We are never really sure how they come up with the names for the chocolate moulds but for this one our guess is that Paul McCartney sang Octopus's Garden and maybe that's why?!

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