Thursday, 21 November 2013

Congratulations Sarah and Michael!

Sarah and Michael were married earlier this year and Nutpatch was chosen to make their wedding cake. 

However unlike traditional wedding cake, with its fruity goodness and marzipan delight (I actually love traditional wedding cake by the way but so many people do not and hence there was the whole chocolate mud cake thing) but Sarah and Michael took it one step further and had a chocolate sculpture made!

It was a zoo! 

The couple just loved zoo's and wanted to share this love with their family and friends on their very special day. I am sure Sarah would not mind me saying that she looked amazing, and the look on her face when she finally saw the finished product was delightful! Sarah had chosen not to see the finished product until it was delivered to the reception. We had special instructions on when to deliver this and all the guests were asked to close their eyes until Sarah and Michael had had the first look at their chocolate zoo!

Have a look for yourself, it really was an amazing sculpture!

Welcome to the Zoo!

Snakes in the snake pit!

Exotic Tree and Monkey's

Echidna Meeting!

Nutpatch John and the happy couple!

The finished product!

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  1. Mrs Sarah McDermott25 November 2013 at 09:18

    You really did an AMAZING job John!!! We are so happy with your creation!!! And it was a wonderful surprise to have revealed at the reception!!! Can't wait to catch up with you again soon!!! (Maybe this weekend coming I'll come pop my head down!!!) xxx