Thursday, 21 November 2013

A Lovely Cup of Tea!

When we were younger my mother (a school teacher) used to do a tea pot shaped card for mothers day with her class. It had a tea bag inside and a poem that read...

'I thought as it is mothers day, you'd like a cup of tea
So let's sit back and relax and have this cup on me!'

Now I was about six when she first started doing this and lets just say more than twenty years on I can still remember that poem!

Now I know its a long time since and until mothers day, but today the weather is so awful it had me thinking about cups of tea and lovely warm fires, and if my oven wasn't broken, scones! So I thought I would share that little memory with you all!

Of course there would also be a chocolate reason as to why I have chosen to talk about tea pots. We now have chocolate tea pots. I love tea pots. I am not sure why I find the tea pot such a beautiful creation. It is both practical and decorative. A few years ago I started collecting them and I have actually lost count of how many I have. Big ones, cat shaped ones, tiny little pots, which would be practically useless but aesthetically pleasing! Spotted tea pots, classic white tea pots!

When we were kids the only tea pot we owned was a sliver tea pot, given to my mum and dad as a wedding gift. We used it whenever people would come to visit, and it would always produce the same reaction of 'oh don't get out the silver on our account!'

Anyway, tea pots I love them! 

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