Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas Interior Changes!

Our shop recently had some interior changes in time for Christmas, in order to enhance all that is on offer at Nutpatch Confectionary.

You would have to agree it looks pretty festive, and full of wonderful gift ideas for even the person who is difficult to buy for!


Chocolate motorbike with realistic metallic features! Anyone would think it was a real miniature bike, except this bike is completely edible.

Christmas Penguin!

Meet our Christmas penguin Dexter!

You have to admit he looks pretty cute.

He has an orange beak and feet which are made from orange flavoured chocolate!

To avoid disappointment, order now for Christmas!


Chocolate shoes for the person who has everything!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

A Lovely Cup of Tea!

When we were younger my mother (a school teacher) used to do a tea pot shaped card for mothers day with her class. It had a tea bag inside and a poem that read...

'I thought as it is mothers day, you'd like a cup of tea
So let's sit back and relax and have this cup on me!'

Now I was about six when she first started doing this and lets just say more than twenty years on I can still remember that poem!

Now I know its a long time since and until mothers day, but today the weather is so awful it had me thinking about cups of tea and lovely warm fires, and if my oven wasn't broken, scones! So I thought I would share that little memory with you all!

Of course there would also be a chocolate reason as to why I have chosen to talk about tea pots. We now have chocolate tea pots. I love tea pots. I am not sure why I find the tea pot such a beautiful creation. It is both practical and decorative. A few years ago I started collecting them and I have actually lost count of how many I have. Big ones, cat shaped ones, tiny little pots, which would be practically useless but aesthetically pleasing! Spotted tea pots, classic white tea pots!

When we were kids the only tea pot we owned was a sliver tea pot, given to my mum and dad as a wedding gift. We used it whenever people would come to visit, and it would always produce the same reaction of 'oh don't get out the silver on our account!'

Anyway, tea pots I love them! 


Building Blocks!

Remember playing blocks with your siblings or cousins? 

Remember how hours could pass with the dedication to building something awesome? 

Well now you can have it in chocolate! Building blocks and chocolate people!

Congratulations Sarah and Michael!

Sarah and Michael were married earlier this year and Nutpatch was chosen to make their wedding cake. 

However unlike traditional wedding cake, with its fruity goodness and marzipan delight (I actually love traditional wedding cake by the way but so many people do not and hence there was the whole chocolate mud cake thing) but Sarah and Michael took it one step further and had a chocolate sculpture made!

It was a zoo! 

The couple just loved zoo's and wanted to share this love with their family and friends on their very special day. I am sure Sarah would not mind me saying that she looked amazing, and the look on her face when she finally saw the finished product was delightful! Sarah had chosen not to see the finished product until it was delivered to the reception. We had special instructions on when to deliver this and all the guests were asked to close their eyes until Sarah and Michael had had the first look at their chocolate zoo!

Have a look for yourself, it really was an amazing sculpture!

Welcome to the Zoo!

Snakes in the snake pit!

Exotic Tree and Monkey's

Echidna Meeting!

Nutpatch John and the happy couple!

The finished product!

The Christmas Window!

We love our Christmas window thanks to our window designer Deb! 

The excitement on the unveiling of our window (mostly my own) was great and it really fits with the shops lovely Kettering location!

Bells and Christmas Decorations!

Advent Calendars

A Peek Inside!

What's happened with the blog posts?

Good morning blog followers!

It seems I spend my entire time apologising for my slackness in blog posting this year. To put it mildly its been one of those crazy busy years, with so much happening and as you can imagine something usually has to give!

Anyway I have a little time to share with you some of what has been happening at Nutpatch Confectionary. 

It's coming up to my favourite time of the year again...Christmas, it seems like yesterday it was July and I was busy preparing for my exams and now all of a sudden I find myself doing Christmas shopping and making Christmas  cakes. The speed at which the last six months has past is unbelievable.

A brief summary of the last six months would go like this...

Chocolate Masterclasses ran over winter with great success. They have currently finished but will be available to groups of four in 2014.

The Nutpatch confectioners went abroad to the discover new and exciting things to bring back to our chocolate shop. They travelled to Belgium and Italy and returned with new chocolate ideas. Some of my new favourite things you will see shortly.

Graham Phillips published his new book called 'A guide to tasting Tasmania', where Nutpatch was awarded 3 hats, ranking our chocolate shop as one of Tasmania's best! Way to go Nutpatch!

The shop had a make over and the Christmas window was remodelled and well as a few changes within the shop.

There is so much more I could tell you, but this is just a short synopsis of the past six months. Read on with the coming blog posts to find out more!

Meet Paul, he is an octopus and you have to admit he is pretty cool! We are never really sure how they come up with the names for the chocolate moulds but for this one our guess is that Paul McCartney sang Octopus's Garden and maybe that's why?!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Welcome to Winter and Chocolate Masterclass!

Hello Nutpatch Blog Readers!

Welcome to winter! It has been such a long time since the Nutpatch blog has been updated, and we do apologise for this, lets just put in down to life and move on from there!

While the blog has been in stasis, the Nutpatch Chocolatiers have been busy creating, refining and bringing joy to all those that enter their wonderful slice of paradise!

There are new flavoured chocolates in store, with some new favourites including, blueberry fruit cream,  blackberry, orange vodka jelly and raspberry and lychee just to name a few.

It is also pleasing to announce that the chocolate Masterclasses have commenced! It has been a long time coming for all of those who have already booked to attend. We are slowly working our way through our lists and be assured you will receive a phone call regarding a time for your class. These classes are running on Sundays, running between 4-6 hours. Numbers are strictly limited to 4 per class to ensure maximum one on one time with the chocolatier.

The pictures below are from our first class, with these lucky ladies learning first hand from the Master Chocolate maker himself!

If you are interested in Masterclass please feel free to contact Nutpatch (check the details page for further information on how to best contact us).

Class is in Session!

Chocolate Creations

Busy with Roses

Beautiful Flowers

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Easter Bunny Is Hop, Hop, Hopping!

Hello Blog Followers after a big break! Slack I know, since the last post was just before Christmas. Its a indication of how busy things have been!

Easter is just around the corner now, can you believe it, just two weeks away. The Nutpatch Chocolatier has been busy creating special treats to delight everyone this Easter! There is the traditional big bunny which I wrote about last Easter, he is still as beautiful as ever and made specially to order!

There is a whole new range of Easter treats in store this year! Brightly coloured eggs and chocolate chickens, bunnies and more!

I have included some pictures of the most recent wonders!

So shop where the Easter Bunny shops this Easter!