Tuesday, 11 December 2012

December Eleven...Christmas Tree Up!

Those of you who have been following the blog, may have noticed that each day to our blog advent calendar had a rhyme. What rhymes with 11, other than words like heaven, seven and Kevin, non of which were very helpful in my Christmas rhyme or I had already used them!

Anyway the tradition in our house is the Christmas tree cannot go up until after December 11. Why you may ask, well December 11 is the last birthday in the household. So today or any day after today out comes the Christmas tree! Now there is the debate of living tree versus plastic tree. A few years ago we sent the parents out to purchase a Norwegian Spruce in a pot to be decorated. We had always had living trees, either in a pot or when we were younger one that had been harvested or brought from the side of the road! There was something nice about the smell, the 1000 scratches you would get putting  on the decorations and the fact that it would drop pine needles all over the carpet! Of course by the time all the pine needles had just about fallen off, it was about 12 days after Christmas and time for the tree to be taken down!

Behold that day when we thought we were getting a real living potted Norwegian Spruce and this huge (and I cannot emphasise the huge enough) white box arrived. Correctly stamped Norwegian Spruce, but in a box none the less! My sister and I were somewhat devastated for about the first hour. Once we were over the initial shock that mum and dad had brought a plastic tree, we ventured to open the box. 

Wow-wee it was spectacular, in three parts this tree stood over 3 metres high, and even had 'real looking' pine needles, ok granted there was no authentic pine needle smell, but it sure did scratch just like the real thing! Not only that the branches were perfectly placed, and the decorations sat perfectly in every branch! Truly we were converted! 

As children we had always admired the Myer Christmas Trees, all perfectly and symmetrically decorated. One year I remember the lady in the Christmas shop giving us advice on how they managed to get the decorations perfectly placed! Now there it was, in our own home, a perfectly decorated Christmas Tree! The decorations had been selected with much scrutiny and a colour scheme was set and adhered to! So there you have it, our Christmas tree story! Don't get me wrong I still love the real deal, those huge beautiful looking pines in all their glory, like the ones they would be donated each year from someones property to sit out the back of the Argyle Street Car park near Habitat.

Anyway Happy Christmas Tree Decorating!

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