Sunday, 30 September 2012

Citrus Blast!

To the untrained eye you might wonder what on earth the picture is below, and to be honest no one would blame you! But these would have to be one of my most favourite things in the Nutpatch shop and believe me when I say I have tried a lot of what is on offer!

These unsuspecting little gems are lemon and orange peel sticks coated in dark Belgium chocolate and I love them! I have just eaten two bags of them while writing today's posts!

We also make Citrus Blast, a kumquat containing block form dark chocolate, with orange and lemon peel, which is highly enjoyable!

That's Amore!

Anyone who has ever started anything would know there is a first for everything!

A first love.

A first kiss.

A first date.

At Nutpatch our first chocolate was the Amore, named appropriately after the Chocolatier's wife!

This chocolate is a perfect balance of hazelnut praline, hazelnut nougat flecks and a little bit of love all hand wrapped in a beautiful coloured foil!

Perfect for that special someone, that first date, in anticipation of that first kiss or to celebrate the first moment of union at a wedding!

At Nutpatch nothing says love more than Amore!

Available is a variety of coloured foil wrappings, in boxes of 4, 8, 16 or individually! Try one today, or savour the delight with that special someone!

Avaliable Individually!

In Boxes of Various Sizes!

Or in Large Quantities for Special Occasions and Weddings!

It's Begining To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Hello Blog Followers,

Apologies to those of you who follow the Nutpatch blog, the blog writer has been slack over winter! You may have noticed a few changes as you look around the blog, mainly the addition of new pages and information.

The highlight of the week has been the start of the Christmas preparations. I felt overwhelmed the last few weeks when shopping that the Christmas decorations are already for sale, but we are a short 12 shopping weeks away from the big day! Before long the Christmas carols will be playing in the store, to add that festive charm! I will admit right from the start, I love Christmas music, much to my sisters disapproval!

So 12 weeks out from the big day our Christmas Chocolatier Elf has started handmaking the special treats!

There are many new things on offer this Christmas and some of the old favourites too. We have chocolate Christmas tags, CDs, postcards, decorations and balls! Then there is chocolate santa and many of his friends such as Speedy and Co! Our Chocolate Christmas Trees are sure to be a hit this year. We can also make to order Christmas Hampers full of all your favourite Nutpatch products. Be warned order early to avoid disappointment! Many of our products will only be made to order!

Chocolate Christmas Balls

Meet Speedy, he is made to order and is a crafty little snow man who loves the snow and his snowboard!