Monday, 2 April 2012

Hand-Painted Eggs

At Nutpatch we like to try to create unique items,  and this Easter we have made hand-painted Easter eggs. Anyone who has visited our store will have noticed the hand-painted chocolate bowls for sale and these eggs use a similar principle. It has often been said to us that the bowls look to nice to eat, but as I have said before they are a pleasure for many of our senses and ultimately made to be eaten!

Hand-painted in coloured chocolate, each is unique in design. This last weekend the whole Nutpatch family has been in on the painting, with both of John's daughters lending a hand. It's a pleasure to paint and such an excitement when they are released from their molds to reveal their shiny coloured surface. Each is then individually wrapped and a coloured bow is carefully selected to complement the egg.

So if you are looking for a unique gift this Easter why not consider a hand-painted egg!


  1. Hi there Doctordel. I popped in there to NN on Friday to collect my pre-ordered assorted easter eggs and goodies for my family. My son, visiting me yesterday and ever on the scrounge for a sweet treat, was offered his Easter Egg early. He absolutely LOVED it. The main difference between his NN egg and others we have bought in past years was that you really feel you're getting value for money because the egg 'shell' was beautifully thick, and not like the normal wafer-thin eggs we are accustomed to. And the dark chocolate flavour was startlingly tasty. I am proud to feel I am a loyal ambassador of the Nutpatch Nougat brand. Thanks again John, Libby and staff, and have a fabulous Easter.

  2. Sorry - that should be Connie, not Libby!