Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Go Go Gets Enhancements!

Driving past Coffee A Go Go lately you probably have noticed some changes! The Go Go girls have undergone an upgrade and for some of the girls a few desired enhancements due to popular demand! Thanks to Brigg's sister Ingrid, the girls now look as brilliant as ever! You may have noticed the addition of the most wonderful coloured yellow to the girls outfits, which really lifts the mood on some of these grey sunless days we have been having of late!

Semi-circular garden beds have been added, planted out with seasonal herbs, cornflowers and many bulbs which will delight and surprise us over the coming months! Then there is one of my favourite new additions...the river stone entrance which now creates a East meets West ambiance to the place! It's such a relaxing place to sit, have a coffee and catch up with the local community in Kettering!

Congratulations Brigg's and keep up the good work, everyone at Nutpatch is mad about your cookies, coffee and hot chocolates!

New Closed Sign!

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