Wednesday, 25 April 2012


To followers of the Nutpatch Blog I must apologise for the lack of new entries of late. We had a mega busy time over the last few weeks with Easter. Now that the cellophane is cooling and the ribbon neatly placed back in its box (it was a mess of entanglement over the Easter period) I have a little time to share with you once more some of the things happening at Nutpatch!

Its Chestnut time! I might also add its Hazelnut time too! The harvest has been underway for the last few weeks, somewhat slowed by the weather. Our chestnut trees look spectacular this year, they have grown form the once single stick like structures, in to these colossal multi-branched giants!

For those of you who are not familiar with chestnuts, they are encased in a rather prickly outer husk. This provides much entertainment to remove and reveal the inner dark beauty of the chestnut. Lets just say my fingers are bearing the signs of chestnut harvesting! Nevertheless armed with my welding gloves, gumboots and a spring in my step I have spent many an hour slowly harvesting on the hillside.

It's quite peaceful standing alone amongst the chestnut trees, feeling like a miniature compared to the grand height of these trees! Sometimes, the beauty of the orchard makes me think of those wonderful autumn pictures you see so beautifully captured in lifestyle magazines...always makes me think I should add 'take a photography course' to my list of life long ambitions!

One of my favourite things about harvesting chestnuts is you never know what surprise you will find inside that prickly outer armour! Sometimes there is just small shrivelled nuts that are no good for anything. Other times its a giant single nut that has taken up all the space in the husk or three good sized nuts which have been keeping themselves company throughout the growing season! It can actually be very exciting in the enjoying the small things in life category!

Autumn Leaves on Chestnut Tree

Chestnut Opening to Reveal Inner Beauty!

Chestnut Armour

Small Chestnuts

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