Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Good Weather...If You're A Duck!

The weather has been damp and grey of late...perfect if you are a duck! I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce a very special duck...Clara!

Clara is somewhat of a loyal friend in the Nutpatch shop. She looks longingly into your eyes with her hand painted chocolate orange eyes and somehow manages to brighten your day! I think she is beautiful in her dark chocolate splendor! So come on in sometime and meet Clara and one or two of her friends!

Go Go Gets Enhancements!

Driving past Coffee A Go Go lately you probably have noticed some changes! The Go Go girls have undergone an upgrade and for some of the girls a few desired enhancements due to popular demand! Thanks to Brigg's sister Ingrid, the girls now look as brilliant as ever! You may have noticed the addition of the most wonderful coloured yellow to the girls outfits, which really lifts the mood on some of these grey sunless days we have been having of late!

Semi-circular garden beds have been added, planted out with seasonal herbs, cornflowers and many bulbs which will delight and surprise us over the coming months! Then there is one of my favourite new additions...the river stone entrance which now creates a East meets West ambiance to the place! It's such a relaxing place to sit, have a coffee and catch up with the local community in Kettering!

Congratulations Brigg's and keep up the good work, everyone at Nutpatch is mad about your cookies, coffee and hot chocolates!

New Closed Sign!


To followers of the Nutpatch Blog I must apologise for the lack of new entries of late. We had a mega busy time over the last few weeks with Easter. Now that the cellophane is cooling and the ribbon neatly placed back in its box (it was a mess of entanglement over the Easter period) I have a little time to share with you once more some of the things happening at Nutpatch!

Its Chestnut time! I might also add its Hazelnut time too! The harvest has been underway for the last few weeks, somewhat slowed by the weather. Our chestnut trees look spectacular this year, they have grown form the once single stick like structures, in to these colossal multi-branched giants!

For those of you who are not familiar with chestnuts, they are encased in a rather prickly outer husk. This provides much entertainment to remove and reveal the inner dark beauty of the chestnut. Lets just say my fingers are bearing the signs of chestnut harvesting! Nevertheless armed with my welding gloves, gumboots and a spring in my step I have spent many an hour slowly harvesting on the hillside.

It's quite peaceful standing alone amongst the chestnut trees, feeling like a miniature compared to the grand height of these trees! Sometimes, the beauty of the orchard makes me think of those wonderful autumn pictures you see so beautifully captured in lifestyle magazines...always makes me think I should add 'take a photography course' to my list of life long ambitions!

One of my favourite things about harvesting chestnuts is you never know what surprise you will find inside that prickly outer armour! Sometimes there is just small shrivelled nuts that are no good for anything. Other times its a giant single nut that has taken up all the space in the husk or three good sized nuts which have been keeping themselves company throughout the growing season! It can actually be very exciting in the enjoying the small things in life category!

Autumn Leaves on Chestnut Tree

Chestnut Opening to Reveal Inner Beauty!

Chestnut Armour

Small Chestnuts

Monday, 2 April 2012

Congratulations Mistral and Michael!

Recently Nutpatch was asked to make a special chocolate motif to celebrate the wedding of Mistral and Michael in New Zealand. It was a special theme to showcase things important to them. The Nutpatch Confectioner had many hours of pleasure putting together this spectacular sea-themed chocolate design.

I would like to extend my congratulations to Mistral and Michael and hope that your wedding was all that you hoped it to be. I hope your chocolate sculpture was all that you had wished for. I have put it up on our blog because we think it wonderful and would like to share it, we did wait until now to do so though, as we didn't want to spoil the surprise before you had seen it!

All aspects of the above motif are handmade from chocolate
If you are planning a function and are thinking about a unique chocolate sculpture, feel free to drop in and have a chat with our confectioner. Most things can be made from chocolate and we are more than happy to give you a quote. Please keep in mind that as everything is handmade, we need plenty of time and notice to make your dreams come true!

Hand-Painted Eggs

At Nutpatch we like to try to create unique items,  and this Easter we have made hand-painted Easter eggs. Anyone who has visited our store will have noticed the hand-painted chocolate bowls for sale and these eggs use a similar principle. It has often been said to us that the bowls look to nice to eat, but as I have said before they are a pleasure for many of our senses and ultimately made to be eaten!

Hand-painted in coloured chocolate, each is unique in design. This last weekend the whole Nutpatch family has been in on the painting, with both of John's daughters lending a hand. It's a pleasure to paint and such an excitement when they are released from their molds to reveal their shiny coloured surface. Each is then individually wrapped and a coloured bow is carefully selected to complement the egg.

So if you are looking for a unique gift this Easter why not consider a hand-painted egg!

Easter Opening Hours 2012

Good Morning Bloggers and welcome to the week before Easter! We have had lots of requests in the last week or so about our opening hours, so here they are!

Opening Hours 2.4.12-10.4.12

Monday 2.4.12-Thursday 5.4.12 - 10am-6pm

Good Friday - CLOSED

Saturday 7.4.12 - 10am-6pm

Easter Sunday CLOSED

Easter Monday - 10am-5pm

Tuesday 10.4.12 - 10am-5pm

We are located at 2956 Channel Highway Kettering TAS 7155 attached to the Kettering Service Station. Look for the roadside signage and chocolate coloured building (see my earlier post on the signage).

From all at Nutpatch Confectionery we would like to thank all our valued customers for their ongoing support and wish you all a safe and happy Easter.