Sunday, 11 March 2012

Local Article Creates Chocolate Chaos!

For those of you who read the local paper on Saturday you may have come across an article about a Chocolatier and his chocolate shop in Kettering. Well known and supported by the locals for the past few months, its seems the secret of our Nutpatch Chocolate shop has now been busted! What can I say, we have been flat out over the last few days and at some times people have been waiting in lines outside the door, just to catch a glimpse and perhaps walk away with some of our delights! Its been wonderful to see how many people have come to support our local business. I think our Chocolatier has been overwhelmed with the well wishes and shear number of customers that have flocked to our doors. I did hear him say at one point, after we had run out of sensible sized carry bags (leaving us with giant paper bags), and small change, that we might even run out of chocolate!! Fear not blog readers that will not happen, there will always be chocolate! Maybe not Mum's greengage, as thanks to this weekends article we have just about sold out!

An I hear you ask where is our "dedicated co-pilot" Sarah Black this weekend...? Sarah is having a well deserved break with her family on the Sunshine Coast. When she returns we will be chaining her to the chocolate machine to prepare for Easter and the Hazelnut Harvest!!

So thank you to everyone who came to visit this weekend, we hope you had a satisfying experience. We thank you all for being so patient when the shop was bursting at the seams with people, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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  1. Loved the article in the paper. John looks extremely happy in his chocolate land.
    The chocolate is delicious, my favourites are his caramel echidna's which are to die for and his amore chocolate and my children' favourite is his nougat.
    I wished I could have brought the big bunny home...but alas he could not fit in my suitcase.