Sunday, 25 March 2012

Butterflies and Insects!

There are some insects that no matter what will never be appealing...unless however they are giant and made of chocolate, then its a different matter.

In our creating day today we made giant milk dragon flies, butterflies and bugs. We made dinosaurs as well but the photos didn't turn out so well, once they were packaged into their cellophane bags!

None the less check out the butterfly and I think you will agree this is as beautiful in chocolate as it is in real life!

Mini Eggs and Easter Treats!

Our Nutpatch Chocolate shop likes to make a range of products to suit any budget. Our counter-tree has undergone change in the last few weeks in time for Easter...and rather fitting for autumn as well.

Now its branches are laden with individual Easter egg halves and Easter treat bags. Our Easter treat bags are filled with milk chocolate bunnies, chickens, ducks and eggs, while our egg halves are colourful in milk and white chocolate and really give the tree a new lease on life.

The Easter Treat bags retail for $2.50, while an individual egg is $2.00, making a small treat affordable and enjoyable!

Full of Treats for Everyone!

White Small Easter Egg with Decorative Pattern

Mild Small Easter Egg with Decorative Pattern

Chirpy Chicks and Traditions!

Things have been so busy lately the blog has suffered from not being updated. Fear not fellow blogger friends, tonight I aim to make up for this and share some of the latest products ready to tempt you in time for Easter. Lets face it Easter is practically on our back doorstep now. Although depending on your religious persuasion you may have an extra week up your sleeve, if you are celebrating orthodox Easter! We celebrate both in our family with a mix of chocolate delights, red dyed boiled eggs and homemade baked goods. There is of course Yia Yia's (our Greek Grandma) cheese pies, which I have to admit are savoury and have nothing to do with chocolate, but its about tradition and I look forward to Easter every year for these little babies! Then of course there is the family lunch, which is rotated around the family each year! We are hosting this year and again this is great, for many reasons really, firstly all the cousins, uncles, aunts and grandma's come together and this is always a blast! Then there is the copious amounts of food, because let's face it we have Greek-Italian heritage and frankly missed the lesson on portion control...enough is never enough...even if you are eating the left overs for the next month! Anyway enough of tradition and on to the chicks!

Lets talk about these little chicks...they are so cute and just begging to come home with you. I think they look so good that I never want to eat them, but in the end that is what they are for. A treat for the eyes and the taste buds alike! They have been pretty popular so far this year, so get in early to avoid disappointment.

These little chicks come in boxes of six in a mixture of milk, dark and white chocolate. They can be ordered as mixed boxes or as your favourite single chocolate type. In addition they can be ordered individually wrapped, but as they are handmade and painted time must be given for these orders to be made!

Milk Chocolate Mania!

Today was milk chocolate day and lets face it that machine worked its little heart out! Mini chocolate bars, animals, giant butterflies and beetles, and Easter treats, the choice was endless! There was an intense few hours when the Nutpatch chocolatiers worked with immense passion to produce treats in time for Easter!

My favourite for the day, the milk chocolate train! This is an awesome treat for a child's birthday party or for that avid train enthusiast. I love it! Check out the pictures below and judge for yourself!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Giant Bunny!

There are so many exciting new things being created at the moment, in preparation for Easter. Over the next few weeks I will be showcasing some of these for your enjoyment. Tonight I thought we would talk about the giant bunny. Who wouldn't enjoy 1.6kg of pure chocolate goodness? OK, I am sure if we searched hard enough we would find someone, but in the main, this is a truly special gift.

Our friends Jason and Gavin at Jagama in Sandy Bay were so taken by the bunny, they had to have one for display in their lifestyle salon. The bunny truly is a feast for the eyes and can be made in milk or dark chocolate, with or without colour painted chocolate features.

Because of the shear size of this handmade creation we are making them to order this Easter. So to avoid disappointment order in advance, as it makes a great whole family Easter gift, and will keep you in chocolate for some time!

Dark Chocolate Bunny

Bunny in Mold with  Colour Features!

Local Article Creates Chocolate Chaos!

For those of you who read the local paper on Saturday you may have come across an article about a Chocolatier and his chocolate shop in Kettering. Well known and supported by the locals for the past few months, its seems the secret of our Nutpatch Chocolate shop has now been busted! What can I say, we have been flat out over the last few days and at some times people have been waiting in lines outside the door, just to catch a glimpse and perhaps walk away with some of our delights! Its been wonderful to see how many people have come to support our local business. I think our Chocolatier has been overwhelmed with the well wishes and shear number of customers that have flocked to our doors. I did hear him say at one point, after we had run out of sensible sized carry bags (leaving us with giant paper bags), and small change, that we might even run out of chocolate!! Fear not blog readers that will not happen, there will always be chocolate! Maybe not Mum's greengage, as thanks to this weekends article we have just about sold out!

An I hear you ask where is our "dedicated co-pilot" Sarah Black this weekend...? Sarah is having a well deserved break with her family on the Sunshine Coast. When she returns we will be chaining her to the chocolate machine to prepare for Easter and the Hazelnut Harvest!!

So thank you to everyone who came to visit this weekend, we hope you had a satisfying experience. We thank you all for being so patient when the shop was bursting at the seams with people, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!