Friday, 3 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Its nearly that time of the year again...Valentine's Day. The Nutpatch Chocolatiers ensure a treat this year with a whole new range of delights created especially for this special day. Whether you like heart shaped rocky-road or a fine handmade heart shaped box filled with a premium selection of our chocolates, you are sure to find something for the love of your life. Beware though, these chocolate treats are so satisfying you may not want to share! I suggest buy two and avoid the disappointment.

Forget the Tree of Life, this is the Tree of Love!
Delicate white chocolate hearts with a light fruity ganache

Heart Shaped Chocolate Boxes
No waste with packaging, as you can eat the whole box!

Amore, Adele and Limoncello
The perfect chocolate companions

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  1. My husband and I from Queensland paid a visit to the Nutpatch recently. This chocolate is absolutely delicious!! You couldn't ask for better. We were very warmly welcomed. We bought a mixture of choclate and enjoyed everyone. Highly recommend!!